The Portable Vaughn Cottage

Have you heard the buzz? The Vaughn Cottage Museum artifacts are the subject of a brand new book!

Vaughn Book Cover

The pages are curated by Tara Kelly in collaboration with Melissa Saggerer, and the photographs were taken by Mikael Kennedy, all of whom are former Pelicans!

To preview and purchase your copy of the Vaughn book, click here. Books may also be purchased here on Star Island in the lobby book store.

*All of the proceeds benefit Vaughn Cottage and the Thaxter Museum. Thank you for your support!

This book is amazingly well-done and the photos are simply classic—a beautiful display of the Isles of Shoals history.



Back on Star!

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Hello Shoalers!
Around here, Shoalers is the name we use for people who love to hang out at the Isles of Shoals. I can now say that I am one of them. I am so excited to return for the summer of 2014! It is going to be one full of history, community, old friends, chirping birds, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, and oh yeah, maybe a bit of rain to help our veggies and flowers grow. The Vaughn Cottage Museum also has some exciting exhibits that I honestly cannot wait to share with you. Keep checking our blog for the riveting history news.

We have an exciting summer planned for this year, and I hope you can come join us! We’ll save you a seat on the porch.

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Star Island’s history is our compass

Portsmouth Patch ran an article this morning, the fifth and last in a series this week on Star Island, focusing on our history.

Star Island is full of fascinating history that, if you allow it, wraps you up and transports you.  Our past is still tangible, even while parts of our operations are being updated, much has remained the same.

Thank you, Robert Cook and Portsmouth Patch, for your attention to our magical retreat, and helping other folks start to unfold our history.

If you’re interested in other Portsmouth Patch articles about Star Island you can read them all here.

If you want to see more of our Vaughn Cottage library, museum and archives, see our website here.