Postcards and Annie loves cheese

Vaughn Cottage has an awesome post card collection, among some of them we have posted include pictures of Appledore’s swimming area and Star Island’s front lawn.  Last summer someone tried to send a postcard from Star Island, but it never arrived, because there was no address.  It hung around for a while, and I scanned it in because it was so cute:

Annie I like cheese

This one isn’t really in Vaughn’s collection, but I wanted to share it with you all.  I hope to see you on island this summer and if you plan to send a postcard, please double check that you put an address.

Appledore’s swimming area seen through DDP’s postcard collection

Dave Pierson, Jr. brought Vaughn Cottage Dave Pierson Sr‘s postcard collection the day of the memorial service on Star, September 2nd.

I scanned some of the postcards, and will share them here.

Appledore had a swimming area with a men’s bathhouse on one side and a women’s bath house on the other.  There was a big wooden gate that they would close at high tide, trap all the water so it would warm up and be nice for swimming and boating.  Enjoy these views!