Pelican Pranks- fake notes

The second in our Pelican Pranks series

Martin Fisher shares the following story:

I did do a bunch of fake notes to chamber.  It got boring working in the evening while a bellhop (and night crew can get boring also) Chamber would always get a bunch of notes the first night of conferences so I would try to spice it up for them.

  • I would ask people to change my sheets and/or make my bed.  Someone on chamber actually did it for me once (hospital corners & everything) but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was.  I’m pretty sure after that time I felt bad and never asked for that again.
  • I would use fake room numbers (like Cottage B-23 or Cottage F) and ask for things like Continue reading

Pelican Pranks- Night Crew Ghosts

This year in Vaughn Cottage I had an exhibit of Pelican Pranks.  I wasn’t sure how I would make those available to you, but I’ve decided to put a few installments on the blog.  If you have more stories to share, email me at and maybe I’ll share yours as well!

Practical jokes are a way to pass the time on Star, a remote island in the Atlantic.  There is a long history of our staff (called Pelicans) making fun and giving each other a hard time (lovingly of course).

Paraphrased from talking with Sumar Maji:

When I was on night crew we teamed up to scare folks on the front porch on windless nights.  We would choose someone to be nonchalantly hanging out on the porch and someone would go underneath the porch.  We tied a string to the back leg of a rocking chair and the string hung down under the porch.  The person under the porch would tug on the string and make the chair rock back and forth.  You had to do it on a night with no wind, when all the other chairs were still.  The person on the porch would exclaim something about how the chair was moving and get everyone excited about it.  Once we didn’t tell one of our crew members what we were doing and when someone went to the desk to ask him if this ever happened before he launched into a story about Continue reading