2012 Archaeology – uncovering this summer’s most exciting artifacts

As we saw in an earlier post, we had some archaeologists with us on Star this summer!  Dr. Nathan Hamilton and Lindsey Weeks were in charge of the digging and they set up an awesome display for us in Vaughn Cottage.  The display is being taken down for the summer, but you’ll still be able to see it- the Portsmouth Public Library is looking for a display, so they will have it there for a few months.


Borderware ca. AD 1490-1650, Star Island, TU-1/ 70-80 cm

Slipware- Sgraffito Type, ca. AD 1650-1740, Star Island, TU-1/ 70-80 cm

French Gun Flint, ca. 19th Century, Star Island, TU-1/ 60-70 cm

Rhenish Grey Stoneware Base- Westerwald Type, ca. AD 1575-1775, Star Island

Brass Ball Head Pin, Star Island, TU-2/ 20-30 cm


Last chance for Under the Isles of Shoals exhibit at Discover Center in Portsmouth!

If you have not yet made it to the Discover Center in Portsmouth, I highly recommend going for the Under the Isles of Shoals exhibit!  I believe it is up until the end of August. It is a truly wonderful exhibit highlighting the exciting artifacts and discoveries they have uncovered at Smuttynose Island over the past five years, directed by Nathan Hamilton. Continue reading