14 fish drowned, one survived- all on the 110th anniversary of 14 waitresses drowning

At first I didn’t believe it.

I thought someone was playing a prank on me.  I had to see the dead fish to believe it, and see Arthur in the Marine Lab cleaning up the mess.

On the 110th anniversary of 14 waitresses drowning off Appledore Island, 14 fish in the main tank in the Rutledge Marine Lab drowned of not enough oxygen in the tank.  The salt water pump had malfunctioned, so the water was not being supplied enough movement and oxygen.  One of the fish survived (much like one of the waitresses was revived).

I was supposed to lead the historical tour of Appledore yesterday, and I was not sad that it had to be cancelled due to not enough folks signed up.  I did not feel like hopping in a boat- but I’m okay today! 🙂