Appledore’s swimming area seen through DDP’s postcard collection

Dave Pierson, Jr. brought Vaughn Cottage Dave Pierson Sr‘s postcard collection the day of the memorial service on Star, September 2nd.

I scanned some of the postcards, and will share them here.

Appledore had a swimming area with a men’s bathhouse on one side and a women’s bath house on the other.  There was a big wooden gate that they would close at high tide, trap all the water so it would warm up and be nice for swimming and boating.  Enjoy these views!

Dave Pierson passes away, another beacon of Island history to honor and lift up.

Sad news descends on the Isles of Shoals community once again, as a beloved member passed away.  Dave Pierson worked at Star Island for 25 years, from 1969 to 1994.  He was Island Engineer and winter caretaker with his wife, Edith Pierson for 18 years.

Dave Pierson by chapel, Portsmouth Herald September 20, 1991

There will be a memorial service for Dave and Andy Gordon, who we lost in the spring, on September 2nd, during the Pelican Reunion conference at 2pm in the Star Island Chapel. Continue reading