The Bear on Appledore

One of my all time favorite Isles of Shoals stories is the one about Celia Thaxter’s bear.  Fred McGill tells it well.  Click on the pages below to open them in a new window, then you can click on the image to enlarge it for easier reading.

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Appledore’s swimming area seen through DDP’s postcard collection

Dave Pierson, Jr. brought Vaughn Cottage Dave Pierson Sr‘s postcard collection the day of the memorial service on Star, September 2nd.

I scanned some of the postcards, and will share them here.

Appledore had a swimming area with a men’s bathhouse on one side and a women’s bath house on the other.  There was a big wooden gate that they would close at high tide, trap all the water so it would warm up and be nice for swimming and boating.  Enjoy these views!

110th Anniversary of the Tragedy of the Waitresses

Today, July 17, 2012, is the 110th anniversary of the terrible tragedy of the waitresses.

On July 17, 1902 14 Star Island waitrae staff drowned off of Appledore Island including the head waiter and assistant waiter.  The following are some of their photos:

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Appledore House Menus

Ever wondered what they ate at the Appledore House?

I just put up 10 menus from the Appledore House Hotel on the Vaughn website.  Most are from the early 1900s, though only a few have dates.  They would all be prior to 1915 as the Appledore House burned just after the season ended in 1914!

Click the link above or the picture below to see the full collection.