Pelican (staff) Resources

Do you want to be a Pelican? [Pelican is our nickname for Star Island’s seasonal staff]: Check out Star Island Staff Opportunities.

Are you already a Pelican or curious what might appeal to one?  Read on!

Check out or add to the new Pelexicon– words with specific Star Island usage.

Star photographs, video and history

Vaughn’s new website with photos, artifacts, letters, cool stuff!

Links to other Star history related sites

Pelicans are Pelicans photo albums online

Superpel- youtube video by Matt Baya “Who would have guessed that out on Star Island on the Isles of Shoals, 10 miles off the coast of NH, mild mannered island staff member (aka Pelican) Jeremy Taylor had powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. This is the 8 minute silly trailer, produced in one weekend on a whim.”

Joe Knows– youtube video featuring Joe Watts, Star Island’s incoming CEO, showing his knowledge of staff jobs when he was a teen, also by Matt Baya “Joe Knows almost every job on Star Island. Starring Joe Watts. Taped on or around 1989 / 1990 by Matthew Baya & Alec Lowry. Since Joe’s now Mr. Star Island we provide this in an effort to remind him of his humble beginnings.”

Job Searching – great place to search for nonprofit jobs.  Join for free and you can set up email updates- so that you receive available job postings in your field(s) of interest straight to your inbox.

Book: The Back Door Guide to Short Term Job Adventures – a great place to look if you want adventurous seasonal or temporary work.  Also online here.

Like working at a conference center?  Maybe you would like

I haven’t tried Bright– let me know if anyone has.  This article makes it sound interesting!

I also got a tip that is a good resource.

Join Pelican Alumni on LinkedIn

Like Pelican Alumni on facebook

Consider volunteering somewhere that you are interested in working- often places hire someone they know and have worked with in some capacity.

Get involved in local and national professional organizations in your field.  Networking is key!

Pelican (past or present) Blogs

And did you get what you wanted from this life even so? Anita Rundles

Art in Photography Kara Stewart

Chai Wallahs of Maine Leigh Tillman

Culture Cabinet Anna Frontiero

Gossiportsmouth Editors of Gossiport

In Everything Anna Frontiero

Pen and Ink Isaac Fitzgerald

Peppers and Glue Emily Cann and Tyler Dumais

Running Commentary Rachel Lyon

Sketchbook Anita Rundles

The Drawn Out Days Kendra Allenby

Tumbling Star Marco Sanchez

Wayward Spaces Nate Mosseau

Let me know if you have things to add!  Email Melissa

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