Pelexicon– Pelican (star island staff person) Lexicon (vocabulary)

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healthy living– a sexual harassment / living in a community training that is required to occur every year.  Ironically I received an email that said it has also been used as a pick up line ex: “healthy living?” “healthy living.” [make out]

janky/jankey– [can also be used off-island but seems especially relevant to pelican life] Refers to an object, usually furniture and describes it as being unstable, missing parts, “on it’s last leg”

job com– the walkie talkies pelicans use to communicate.  job com was the brand name of one of the earlier models, we have since purchased and use other brands as well.

next boated– when a staff person is fired, they are asked to leave on the next boat.  present tense verb: next boat, adjective: nextboatable, as in “a nextboatable offense.”

pelican– staff on Star Island.  Originally came from a sailboat named the pelican that a certain group of staff calling themselves the pelican club sailed in 1924.  Eventually came to mean all staff on Star Island.

pittsburgh– used to describe a place on island that no longer exists.  It is now where the RO (reverse osmosis) machines make fresh water from salt water.  Used to have a trash compactor and a couch.  Was a hang out spot that was open on a few sides to open air but had a roof.  Was one of a few designated smoking areas. (again, no longer).

rock’n’roll– the action of throwing a glass bottle onto the rocks, aiming for below the low tide line in order to “make sea glass”.  Most often practiced on shack deck, though it is not allowed or recommended as many people walk on the rocks.

talking to the doctor– a phrase used by the waste water treatment facility staff when called on job com as a more polite response than explaining that they were on the toilet.

the secret bar– more of a concept than an actual place.  Used to describe the feeling one gets when you walk around the whole island looking for people to hang out and somehow no one is anywhere.  You decide that everyone must be hanging out at “the secret bar”.  There are some rare occasions when you are hanging out with all your favorite people in an unusual place and you suddenly realize you might actually be at the secret bar.

waitrae- wait staff- waiters and waitresses who serve breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining hall on Star Island.

yomp– compost.  Christened during a year when the names of many things changed. There are many year-specific slang words, but this one stuck.  Used for many years to be all the compost we used.  Now there is yomp and compost, with different food waste items being put into separate containers. Compost is used for the garden.


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