Fly Away Home: A Pigeon Story

We lovingly present to you a project we’ve been working on all summer.  Our outstanding intern Caitlin Selby wrote the screenplay and we shot and edited this very short historical documentary for you all!


  • Carla Diaz – Hostess
  • John Bynum – Chef
  • Kevin Brown – Waitrae
  • Kyle Belmont – Guest
  • Sara Lewis – Guest
  • Nick Brezinsky – Messenger
  • Dean Baudler – Deskie

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

new Pelican Garden blog!


The Pelican Garden on Star Island is beautiful, has an impressive yield and now has its own blog!  You can check it out here, An Island Garden.

You may recognize the name of Celia Thaxter’s book about her own Isles of Shoals Garden, published the year of her death in 1894.  You can purchase the volume online on Shops on Star, in our bookstore, or read it on island in the Vaughn Library. It describes her garden on Appledore in detail, how she dealt with pests, and is a charming memoir.

Don’t miss the About page for Pelican Garden history!

Waitresses back in the day, or, how we used to walk to shack in the snow uphill both ways

I can’t be sure how much of this is accurate, but some of it is corroborated by other historical accounts.  I know Pelicans of our day have it easy, and I have heard many former Pelicans talk of the hardships they endured and the badges of honor they won for their dedication and service on Star.  But some of this sounds just plain ridiculous.  Please let me know if you have more solid evidence of the truth in these pages.

Frederick T. McGill, who was an island legend in his own right, was the historian for a number of years.  He started a notebook.  In these pages I found the following story recorded July 7, 1998:

Today Allison Brayton gave a talk to the All Star 2 conferees on her experiences working on Star during the 1930s.  Allison worked as a waitress from 1933 until 1937, and had many stories about how things were so different then.  For example, there were no room assignments.  The girls would live in the Shack and the boys in Gosport.  Which room one Continue reading

Appledore House Menus

Ever wondered what they ate at the Appledore House?

I just put up 10 menus from the Appledore House Hotel on the Vaughn website.  Most are from the early 1900s, though only a few have dates.  They would all be prior to 1915 as the Appledore House burned just after the season ended in 1914!

Click the link above or the picture below to see the full collection.