Bobby Wharem, the smoldering dreamboat

This past summer we got a great box of donations that had belonged to Lenny Reed, a past cook on Star Island for many years, about whom there are many stories that maybe we’ll get on the blog at some point- (let me know if you have some of the stories and would like to share them!)

One of the photographs in the collection was this one of the Star Island staff in 1953:

Lenny Reed's 2012 donations_0001

And there he is, back right, my favorite Star Island dreamboat, Continue reading

Vaughn Cottage 2012 Exhibits

Did you miss the Vaughn Cottage library and museum in 2012?  Each year it is set up differently and highlights various storylines in Isles of Shoals history.

Well here’s a quick virtual tour of the cottage for you if you missed it, or if you want to revisit it!

Vaughn Cottage 2012 Exhibits (the link again in case you didn’t click it above!)

More information is available on the Vaughn website– such as more photos and information regarding all of the Celia Thaxter pottery shown last year as well as more information on some of the Dreamboats photos.

As we ramp up for the 2013 season with exhibits that will be determined this spring, do you have any requests or things that you would like to see covered?