More Bellhop pranks

I wrote a post about Bellhop pranks and I got a lot of comments that I should write up some of the other Bellhop pranks that have happened in the recent past.  Specifically of the year following the first post.  (Also if you want to catch up on all the pranks posts, here’s your chance)

Dave Reynolds, one of our pie victims, the year of the pie-ing

Dave Reynolds, one of our pie victims, the year of the pie-ing

I was hesitating on this one, because I had such a large role, I wasn’t sure I should write it up.  I was the bellhop supervisor and my bellhops and I, Janis Zirlen, Nora Mattingly, and Isaac Fitzgerald wanted the bellhop pranks night to be epic.  They definitely were.  In an effort to not make a long post longer, I will omit some of the pranks pulled.

We’ll start with one part that we didn’t think would be a big deal that turned bigger and then we’ll move to the big deal that got huge…. John French was on night crew and lived on the 4th floor of Gosport.  We thought it would be hilarious to tie all his clothes together and hang them out the window as if he were escaping.  Well they were out all night and got wet and little did we know he takes his clothes very seriously, actually.  So the next day all of our bed frames and mattresses disappeared, along with anyone’s beds who we might have been seeing.  They ended up being found in the attic by the salt water tanks.

Part 2: we had the bakery make us three whipped cream pies.  We decided to target the heads of engineering, the Island Engineer- Ben Fowler, the Facilities Manager- Dave Reynolds, and the Engineer Supervisor- Morgan Kennedy.  Long story short, we called them all into the lobby and pied them in the face.  They were shocked and awed.  Also, an accidental prank sidebar is that our clothes and their clothes were all thoroughly covered in whipped cream, so we put them in the pel laundry bins downstairs.  I guess we should have put a note on them or soaked them or something, because we left them too long, the milk must have curdled because our clothes smelled bad forever and the laundry staff was pissed.  Whoops.

The engineers soon decided to retaliate.  One by one the bellhops soon found themselves alone cornered and surrounded by engineers.  They had filled APW fire extinguishers with pancake syrup.  Unsuspecting bellhops were doused with syrup and covered in feathers.  It was sticky and gross.  I had escaped for a few years when I was doing a historical tour on Appledore Island with about 40 people.  Dave came up to me, he was working as an engineer on Appledore at the time, and asked if he could talk to me.  So I went over to his truck where he pulled out a fire extinguisher, covered me in syrup, and a guy in a welding mask came down in the gator and covered me in feathers, picked Dave up and they drove away.  I was left with a confused and bemused group of tour-goers who then decided they needed to all take pictures of me in such a state.

As part of soliciting pranks stories last year I had a bunch of the folks involved in this story chime in on a facebook thread, which I have gone back to look for and is currently lost in the ether.  If any of those fine individuals want to step up and write a nice lengthy comment on this post describing your special role in these antics, or the night seen through your eyes, it would be much appreciated.  As always, I also take submissions- if you want your own guest blog post!!


3 thoughts on “More Bellhop pranks

  1. Hey – It’s Janis. I think we should also add that: a) Derbyshire was certainly involved with the pie incident, and has since been retaliated against; b) Our tag remains behind the front desk 9 years later; c) I remain at large.

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