The Isles of Shoals was almost part of an Oil Refinery!

I had read a little bit about this part of our Isles of Shoals history, but it was greatly illuminated last week at ISHRA – Isles of Shoals History and Research Association‘s annual meeting at the Seacoast Science Center.


Dudley Dudley was the theme speaker, and was truly riveting.  She began and ended with personal parts of her story and the middle was fascinating and nail biting, even though we obviously knew Continue reading

More Pelican Pranks- an April Fools special

You can catch up with the other stories in our pranks series here.

Mark Adams shares this story:

When I was the fire marshal I got to decide the location of the fire scenario for the fire drill. At that time the sirens weren’t as loud as they are now, you used to be able to sleep through them.  I would always try to arrange the fire drill location for where I knew a girl was trying to take a nap, so when we busted in with all our fire fighting equipment we would wake them up!

Sarah Wicker, former head chef, had her children on Star as children and babies.  She used a doll to pretend it was her child and convinced staff that she had accidentally Continue reading