Bellhop pranks

Many island staff crews keep logs to keep each other informed of current work-related events and reminders, which also leaves room for gossiping and recounting practical joke adventures.  The following is a description from a night of bellhop pranks (which occurred while off-duty and crew bonding).

Erin 7:30 am: Recap of last night’s shenanigans

  • put pink dress, big monster shoes, little girl shoes, maybe some other stuff in Janis and Amy’s room
  • short sheeted Susan’s bed and woke up all of night crew
  • hung out in Turtle and Dano’s room, blasted music, took a polaroid (they never came, we just confused some people)
  • left an anonymous note at the desk for a wake up call at 6:00 am in Martin’s room
  • put monkeys and other stuffed creatures in the rowboats.
  • changed the names of all the waitrae name tags to things like Trogdor, poop head, doodie mc-fart, etc, oh yeah, and Bellhops rule!
  • left a series of notes about “your mom” around pel hall [editor’s note: that year pel hall waitrae called themselves ‘the moms’]
  • tried to pawn off non alcoholic beer
  • made ourselves a plate [at the snack bar] from maintenance
  • switcheroo-d the toothpaste.
  • we are the best ever!
  • we are so much cooler than night crew.

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