Pel lexicon

Pelicans, (what we call Star Island staff), speak what seems to be “in code” sometimes.  We don’t always know we’re doing it, and sometimes we have a hard time talking about Star Island in a way that mainland folks will understand.  This is not new, but it is constantly changing.  I decided to start work on a Pel lexicon to help break down some of the language barriers  Continue reading


Bobby Wharem, the smoldering dreamboat

This past summer we got a great box of donations that had belonged to Lenny Reed, a past cook on Star Island for many years, about whom there are many stories that maybe we’ll get on the blog at some point- (let me know if you have some of the stories and would like to share them!)

One of the photographs in the collection was this one of the Star Island staff in 1953:

Lenny Reed's 2012 donations_0001

And there he is, back right, my favorite Star Island dreamboat, Continue reading

Bellhop pranks

Many island staff crews keep logs to keep each other informed of current work-related events and reminders, which also leaves room for gossiping and recounting practical joke adventures.  The following is a description from a night of bellhop pranks (which occurred while off-duty and crew bonding).

Erin 7:30 am: Recap of last night’s shenanigans

  • put pink dress, big monster shoes, little girl shoes, maybe some other stuff in Janis and Amy’s room
  • short sheeted Susan’s bed and woke up all of night crew
  • hung out in Turtle and Dano’s room, blasted music, took a polaroid (they never came, we just confused some people)
  • left an anonymous note at the desk for a wake up call at 6:00 am in Martin’s room
  • put monkeys and other stuffed creatures in the rowboats. Continue reading