Laundry room Pranks

Story shared by William Thomas Harper: (fourth in our pranks series!)

In 2009 I was the Laundry super and had to deal with many temperamental washing machines, in particular the machine named Sir Tinkles (don’t know who named him, but he was never quite right).  I spent lots of time learning how to fix those washers and ended up on Maintenance the following season because of it.  One of my projects (besides getting the new industrial-size washing machines installed) was to get rid of the machines that didn’t quite cut the mustard.  Sir Tinkles was on top of my make-or-break list and I ended up dragging it over to the power house and gutting it for parts.

Once I realized that I essentially had an empty shell of a washer that I could fit inside of, I realized that there were endless possibilities for the new Sir Tinkles.  With the help of Sam Mansfield, I carried the washing machine to the laundry room- unbeknownst to Chamber.  I climbed inside and shut the lid and waited, while Sam lured the unsuspecting Chamber crew into the laundry room (I don’t remember how he lured them, but he did it well).  When everyone was sitting and waiting I could hear Madeline James explaining a bit about Sir Tinkles and how I spent most of my time fixing the machine (I actually lost my favorite hat inside of that machine for 2 months, so it was a personal battle).  I heard her explaining that I was trying to “resurrect” Sir Tinkles and I took the opportunity to jump out and scare the bejeesus out of everyone.  Luckily Sam was there to calm things down and we ended up serenading the whole crew with a rendition of “Laundry Room” by the Avett Brothers.

I ended up wearing Sir Tinkles to Halloween, which was fun but terribly uncomfortable:

will harper wearing washing machine 2009

In the end the poor guy was sent to the scrap heap, but I think there is some left underneath the firefighting shed/old gas shed.

Also, I made a 2-foot long working clothes pin to prank Sam during an escalating clothes pin war.  It is somewhere in the powerhouse I think.  Lots of fun and might make a good object for an exhibit.


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