Xmass sweater on Star

Happy Holidays- Merry Christmas.

Thought I’d take a moment to show you some holiday sweater action on Star.  I’ve been wanting to show you some of Star’s ‘dreamboat collection’… so here goes: Holiday sweater two ways; from the rocks to the dock:

Holiday sweater on the rocks Continue reading

Pelican Pranks- fake notes

The second in our Pelican Pranks series

Martin Fisher shares the following story:

I did do a bunch of fake notes to chamber.  It got boring working in the evening while a bellhop (and night crew can get boring also) Chamber would always get a bunch of notes the first night of conferences so I would try to spice it up for them.

  • I would ask people to change my sheets and/or make my bed.  Someone on chamber actually did it for me once (hospital corners & everything) but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was.  I’m pretty sure after that time I felt bad and never asked for that again.
  • I would use fake room numbers (like Cottage B-23 or Cottage F) and ask for things like Continue reading

Sweetness on Star’s front walkway

Star Island is very photogenic.  Two of my favorite pictures of the walkway are one that we sometimes use for our advertisements with pink flowers in the foreground (below) and one featuring my husband.

flowers on star walkway

DDP’s postcard collection was recently donated to Vaughn Cottage.  Here are two sweet views of our front walkway from his collection.

A handpainted postcard of Miss Tulip picking poppies:

A little cutie on the wooden covered walkway (didn’t it look good!): Continue reading