Being bribed to dump Franklin Pierce overboard

Frederick T. McGill, who was an island legend in his own right, was the Star Island historian for a number of years.  He started a notebook to record things that he and later Vaughn Curators heard over the years.  In these pages I found the following story recorded August 16, 1981:

Gertrude Palench (spelling?) of the UCC Laity Weekend tells me that her great grandfather was Captain Jonathan Godfrey, Isles of Shoals lighthouse keeper and the one for whom Godfrey’s Ledge is named.  She has documentary evidence that Capt. Jonathan rowed Franklin Pierce during Pierce’s viist to the Shoals before he became President, and Godfrey was offered $50 if he would dump the Democrat overboard.  He did not accept the bribe.

Grace Colley, the woman who lived on Duck Island

The Jessie Donahue Collection in the Vaughn Cottage archives closet has some real gems hidden in its boxes and folders.  One of those gems is Grace Colley.  Click on any of the images or pages to make them larger.

Appledore’s swimming area seen through DDP’s postcard collection

Dave Pierson, Jr. brought Vaughn Cottage Dave Pierson Sr‘s postcard collection the day of the memorial service on Star, September 2nd.

I scanned some of the postcards, and will share them here.

Appledore had a swimming area with a men’s bathhouse on one side and a women’s bath house on the other.  There was a big wooden gate that they would close at high tide, trap all the water so it would warm up and be nice for swimming and boating.  Enjoy these views!