Beautiful Isles of Shoals Map- Gretchen Gudefin

Click the map to enlarge it.

This is a little map of Star Island that I designed for our 2012 Historic Star Conference. It served as the center piece for an interactive workshop I conducted loosely based on the sport of  “geo-caching” (also known as ‘letterboxing’). As our conference theme was “Mystery & Mayhem on the Isles of Shoals” this year, I was inspired by the tales of supposed pirates who “might” have buried treasure out on these islands. Along with this map, conferees were given a list of written clues to guide them to a half dozen tiny treasure boxes hidden around the village, filled with little paper “Star Island” coins I made, each depicting a beloved island icon. Although the map began as a simple treasure map (i.e X marks the spot) I soon found myself sketching my love for Star Island into every little detail you see here now.
I am grateful to Melissa, curator of Vaughn Cottage, who had the idea to further share my little map with our entire Star Family here on this blog. I sincerely hope that people understand that this is not only a map of place, but a map of the heart- our collective hearts; may it serve to lead you “home” whenever you see it. ~  Gretchen Gudefin

Thank you for sharing this map with us, Gretchen!  What a cool activity.  It’s awesome what creative minds we have gracing our islands.


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