Ghosts at the Isles of Shoals- Happy Halloween!

Caswell Cemetery on Star Island

As it’s Halloween, I thought you all might want to hear a little about the ghosts at the Isles of Shoals.  I was prompted to write about it as I saw this article in Gossiportsmouth‘s twitter feed.  At the very bottom they mention Isles of Shoals ghosts:

Since the 1800s the nine islands ten miles off of Portsmouth have been haunted. Hawthorne even wrote about “Old Bab,” a ghost who lived between the hotel and the sea. At the Oceanic Hotel on Star Island people have heard sounds as if someone is rummaging through drawers and moving furniture on the fourth floor – only there’s nothing but Continue reading

First meetinghouse at Isles of Shoals was 45 years before Star Island’s chapel

I started this blog as a way to share interesting reference questions and their answers.  I responded to one today that may surprise some of you.  Many folks may not know that there was a brick meetinghouse on Smuttynose Island in 1640, 45 years before we had our first meetinghouse built on Star Island in 1685.  Lots of folks know about Rev. John Tucke and all of his contributions, but there was many clergy who predate him, about 100 years of various visitors to Shoals pulpits before Tucke.  So to get to the question I received:

According to the book, “The Hull Family in America”, Rev
Joseph Hull was minister of Accomenticus in 1643. The Isle of Shoals was under his jurisdiction.  He served there until 1653 when he left for England.  He again returned to the Isle of Shoals and died there in 1665.

Another source from the Internet states that Rev Hull built a church on the Isle of Shoals.  Unfortunately, we do not know which island.  If you possibly know what island was settled as early as 1643 we would appreciate it.  Most of the  references say he was in Oyster River (York, Maine). Continue reading

Racy Retelling of Smuttynose Murders – seeking its author and year written

Seeing as it’s just about Halloween, seems like it’s time for this post!  Careful… some of this is NSFW (not safe for work)…!

Along with a box of donations from the 1950s- 1980s was this racy retelling of the Smuttynose Murders- can anyone tell me who wrote it, when, and for what purpose?  Was it for a Pelican Coffeehouse or something?  Maybe a Pel Pages?  I can’t imagine this was appropriate for a Pel Show for a conference.  Let me know if you have any leads! Continue reading

Beautiful Isles of Shoals Map- Gretchen Gudefin

Click the map to enlarge it.

This is a little map of Star Island that I designed for our 2012 Historic Star Conference. It served as the center piece for an interactive workshop I conducted loosely based on the sport of  “geo-caching” (also known as ‘letterboxing’). As our conference theme was “Mystery & Mayhem on the Isles of Shoals” this year, I was inspired Continue reading