Appledore House Menus

Ever wondered what they ate at the Appledore House?

I just put up 10 menus from the Appledore House Hotel on the Vaughn website.  Most are from the early 1900s, though only a few have dates.  They would all be prior to 1915 as the Appledore House burned just after the season ended in 1914!

Click the link above or the picture below to see the full collection.



Roy Cook’s art- Vaughn library & Star Island scenes

Roy Cook is a former architect and longtime shoaler.  (For the uninitiated, shoaler means someone who visits the Isles of Shoals) He has been coming to Star Island for about 40 years with his family.  They mostly attend All Star I, though he has attended other conferences.  He started his artwork on Star working mostly with pencil.  He later worked in pen, and then watercolors.  He has drawn everything on Star Island, but he especially loves the Vaughn library.  He currently lives in East Granby, CT.

I was lucky enough to talk with him in Vaughn this afternoon, and convince him to bring some of his art in and let me scan and share it with you all.  Thank you again, Roy!

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Happy Independence Day!

I’m excited to bring you my very first guest post content!  R. Dennis Corrigan sent this to me yesterday.

I am reading through

Elwin Page’s George Washington in New Hampshire, republished by the Portsmouth Marine Society, 1989.

And I just came to pages 29-32 where the gentlemen of the town accompanied by a band sang the following to him on his arrival in Portsmouth (sung to the tune of “God Save the King” or “My Country, Tis of Thee”): Continue reading

Secret Society on Star Island- the Dawn Birds & Lyman V. Rutledge

I recently received a research request to get a copy of a symbol.  As it was described I believe it is the symbol of the Dawn Birds, a secret society on Star Island, drawn by Lyman V. Rutledge.

A description of the Dawn Birds from Frederick T. McGill’s book Something Like a Star p.45- 46:

          [Lyman] it was, beyond all others, who opened our eyes to the beauties of the islands.  In fact, he opened our eyes quite literally when he lured us from our beds, led us out to East Rock before sunrise, and let us watch with him the birth of a new day….. Continue reading