White Island named for Capt. Joseph White who was brutally murdered in Salem, MA!

On my historical tour of Star Island I stop to talk about all nine islands at the summerhouse- you can see them all from that vantage point, and I mention a little bit about each.

At least once or twice when I mention that White Island was named for Captain Joseph White who was brutally murdered in Salem, MA in 1830 they ask how, and sometimes if it was in conjunction with witches.  (folks always think witches when they hear murder and Salem, MA).

I have to admit that I didn’t know the story, or at least if I had known it, I had forgotten it, so I looked it up and if you would like to read for yourself, you can read the story here:

A Murder in Salem at Smithsonian.com

and/or here:!

Captain Joseph White- A Most Extraordinary Case at Murder by Gaslight

The short recap is that Capt. Joseph White had a sizable inheritance to leave.  Two brothers stole his will and hired someone to murder him in his sleep in hopes that they would inherit the whole sum.  Daniel Webster prosecuted and brought the brothers to justice.  John Francis Knapp  and Joseph Jenkins Knapp, Jr were hanged together from the same scaffold.


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