Happy Independence Day!

I’m excited to bring you my very first guest post content!  R. Dennis Corrigan sent this to me yesterday.

I am reading through

Elwin Page’s George Washington in New Hampshire, republished by the Portsmouth Marine Society, 1989.

And I just came to pages 29-32 where the gentlemen of the town accompanied by a band sang the following to him on his arrival in Portsmouth (sung to the tune of “God Save the King” or “My Country, Tis of Thee”):

Long may thy Trumpet, Flame,
Let echo waft the name,
O’er all the world around,
Far as earth’s utmost bound,
Thy equal is not found,
Columbia’s Son.

Ye blest of Human kind,
Columbians, call to mind,
Th’deeds he’s done:
Hark! hark! Those shouts declare,
That ‘Heaven’s peculiar care,’
The matchless Hero’s here,

Hantonia’s sons rejoice,
Welcome with heart and voice,
Your country’s pride:
On this auspicious day,
Drive sorrow far away,
And sing in rapt’rous lay,
‘Let joy preside.’

Rejoice, let all rejoice,
And with united voice,
The HERO hail;
He stem’d oppression’s tide,
And humbled Britain’s pride,
Is still your matchless guide,
That will not fail.

Composed by “a gentleman in this town, reputed to be” Jonathon Mitchell Sewall (1748-1808)

Sung to Washington on his arrival in Portsmouth, NH October 31st 1789

Above is ODE THIRD.

ODE FIRST and ODE SECOND in George Washington in New Hampshire, Elwin Page.
Not strictly Isles of Shoals stuff, but very close geographically, and suitable for the glorious 4th!


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