New Rye Church’s visit to Star Island

My last post was about some very friendly and enthusiastic visitors to our library, museum and archives on Star Island.  I’ve gotten permission to let you know more about them.  The congregation is The New Rye Church – “The Little Church on the Hill”.  They posted some lovely photos of their visit already!

New Rye Church’s recent visit to Star Island – Taken from

R. Dennis Corrigan was also kind enough to send me more information about their congregation.  They were coming to learn more about Rev. John Tucke as Rev. John Tucke Jr. founded their congregation which is New Rye Union Congregational Church United Church of Christ located at 289 New Rye Road in Epsom, NH.

Last Year R. Dennis Corrigan and Phil Yeaton, a descendant of the Yeaton families of Star Island, served on a history committee that celebrated the 250th anniversary of Rev. Tucke being installed at New Rye on September 13, 1761!

They purchased some excellent books in our bookstore on Star Island– including Elwin Page’s George Washington in New Hampshire, republished by the Portsmouth Marine Society, 1989. As Phil Yeaton comes from the Yeaton shoalers, they were excited to see on page 52, describing Washington’s Nov. 2 , 1789 tour of Portsmouth Harbor: “The President’s barge was rowed by seamen dressed in white frocks, and had for its coxswain Captain Hopley Yeaton.”

Straight from the email I received this morning from R. Dennis Corrigan:

I also obtained at the gift shop the condensed version of Isles of Shoals In Lore and Legend, and the religion in the Isle of Shoals book, which now are in our church’s library. As well the Washington book I grabbed Star Island Melodies,  so now I can work on Lyman Rutledge’s song “Sunrise at Star Island” and Celia Thaxter’s “Goodbye Sweet Day.”

Thanks for all that scanning and blogging! We cannot wait for a return visit to the isle of “the sweet wild roses.

No, thank YOU so much for your visit and the sharing of information back and forth! It is what makes this job so endlessly fascinating!


1 thought on “New Rye Church’s visit to Star Island

  1. As a descendant of Rev. John Tucke, I would love to find out more about him and his years on Star Island.

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