Happy Birthday Oscar Laighton!

Happy Birthday Oscar Laighton!

Oscar Laighton, the elder of Celia Thaxter’s two younger brothers, was born on June 30, 1839.  If he were alive today he would be 173 years old.

Oscar Laighton in his boat Twilight

Oscar came out to White Island when he was only 3 months old with his parents Thomas and Eliza Laighton and his older sister Celia.  He didn’t go back to the mainland until he was 16 years old, when he saw Portsmouth for the first time, a tall tree, the bustling of a mainland town.  He was so startled and disoriented he went back to the Isles of Shoals and did not leave again for a long time.  Continue reading

Barbara Laighton Durant’s memories of Appledore 1896-1905

Happy Birthday Celia Thaxter!

Celia Thaxter was born on June 29, 1835.

If she were alive today she would be 177 years old.  In honor of her birthday I bring to you scanned memoirs of her niece, Barbara Laighton Durant. Continue reading

Map of Star Island

I love maps- so it doesn’t take much for me to want to post a map.

The Rye Historical Society is working on an inventory of our buildings on Star Island.  They stopped by Vaughn today to get information about the buildings and locations.  I just sent them this map along with information about the individual buildings.

I like that this map is a topographical map first created in 1916.  It was later revised in October, 1979 by Thomas Mansfield, revised again in April 2006, and another revision by Bruce Parsons in March of 2009.  It helps to illustrate that maps can be used for many different purposes, and they relay a lot of information quickly.

You can click on the map and it will enlarge, if you click again it will zoom to be more readable.

New Rye Church’s visit to Star Island

My last post was about some very friendly and enthusiastic visitors to our library, museum and archives on Star Island.  I’ve gotten permission to let you know more about them.  The congregation is The New Rye Church – “The Little Church on the Hill”.  They posted some lovely photos of their visit already!

New Rye Church’s recent visit to Star Island – Taken from newryechurch.webs.com

R. Dennis Corrigan was also kind enough to send me more information about their congregation.  They were coming to learn more about Rev. John Tucke as Rev. John Tucke Jr. founded their congregation which is New Rye Union Congregational Church United Church of Christ located at 289 New Rye Road in Epsom, NH. Continue reading

Rev. John Tucke – general history and his son’s career

Yesterday I had some museum visitors who were interested in Rev. John Tucke, who is buried on Star Island under the huge obelisk built for him in 1914 to replace his earlier, smaller gravestone.  He was a minister, judge, educator and physician on Star Island for 42 years-  from 1731 until his death in 1773. He was well-respected by the villagers. The Shoalers paid him in dried cod, Isles of Shoals ‘dunfish’ which made him one of the best paid ministers in New England.  The visitors are members of a church in Epsom, NH that was founded by his son and wanted to learn more about Rev. Tucke.

Here is some of the information I found and promised to scan and send to them.  (Which I am sending now). Continue reading

Welcome to Vaughn Cottage’s new blog!

I’ve been getting interesting questions this summer and I needed a way to get back to people, show them pictures and documents and I wanted to share it with more folks!

I hope you enjoy.  Be sure to check out our more official library, museum and archives website: vaughncottage.omeka.net.  Also check out starisland.org, our home organization’s site.